Job title 
Textile designer
Den Haag

Aliki van der Kruijs

Aliki van der Kruijs explores the relationship (context) between colour, culture and environment with a specialization in textile. Nature is material and subject at the same time. During the master Applied Art at the Sandberg Institute (2012) Aliki juxtaposed her graphic- and fashiondesign background into a practice where textile as information carrier plays a fundamental role.

Questions & answers

Can you describe your daily practice? 
My daily practice is composed of a mixture of digital and analogue work. Next to arranging things by email / phone I also want to develop things without the computer because the use of 'real' material keeps more surprise.
What are you most proud of?  
The collections of textiles with supporting books I developed in the last years.
What's your ambition? 
to be continued