Job title 
Designer, Illustrator

Klaartje Scheer

Working as an illustrator and a designer. Studied graphics at academy St Joost in Breda and Illustration at Royal College of Art in London. Independence and freedom do not exist without coöperation and interaction with fellow artists and pupils. Crossing borderlines between different forms of art gives rise to new starting points and new perspectives, widening her working field: Picto's, Facade signs, Books. Her images inspire poetry and vice versa. However, poem and image never marry. They go together for som time, then separate again. It is a bond that connects to the outside world, opening up hearts and minds.

Questions & answers

Can you describe your daily practice? 
Making choices, taking decisions. Dancing. Falling. Standing. Finding. Teaching others of different ages and backgrounds.
What are you most proud of?  
All things made by full attention. And my book ZOEMTROMPET (The Singing Trumpet, 2015). There is a lively interaction between pictures and text. The images are as familiar as they are unique. They make an impression of having been there all the time, taking part in an ancient language that touches our roots and deepest knowledge. The book includes the whole process of bookmaking: the writing and illustrating as well as the designing and binding.
What's your ambition? 
Making more Beautiful Books. And stay at work together with other makers.