Job title 
Graphic designer

Linda van Zijp

StudioLIN is a graphic design studio founded by Linda van Zijp. She is an independent graphic designer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She is working on a range of projects including art direction, spatial design and graphic design like magazines, corporate identities, websites and campaigns. Typography, color and concepts play an important role in her work. She has been a lecturer at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam since 2010.

Questions & answers

Can you describe your daily practice? 
Graphic designer and lecturer
What are you most proud of?  
That I achieved to run my own studio and proud of my Poster Project. In which my passion of typography and teaching are combined in a experimental way.
What's your ambition? 
Still so much on my bucket-list, but most of all to still do what I love. Creating designs that are meaningful, wherein I can express myself and keep on learning and amaze myself.