Job title 

Niels Otterman

My name is Niels Otterman. I'm 19 years old and born and raised in Zwolle, the Netherlands. I'm a student at the art academy of Arnhem and I study graphic design. My highest priority is to agitate people with my work, which is also the reason why I chose for the art academy. Although my first priority is graphic art, I also have a love for fine art, poetry and illustration. I would describe my style as very raw but my work contains also a lot of estrangement and a speck of romance. I hope you like it.

Questions & answers

Can you describe your daily practice? 
Right now I'm 100% focussing on my study. That doesn't mean I don't accept assignments from people who have nothing to do with my study. I'm basically searching every day for new ambitions and new experience.
What are you most proud of?  
It makes me proud that I'm a student at the art academy (which was always my ambition) and that I've won a place at the GDFB with my poster while I had to face with companies and professional designers from all over the globe.
What's your ambition? 
I want to become a successful designer in the first place and have the opportunity to express myself in a way that people can appreciate. But if you want to achieve something you have to dream big, although it's not a realistic expectation. So with that philosophy, I want to become one of the greatest designers of my country.