Job title 
Graphic design studio

Zupagrafika studio

Zupagrafika is a Hispano-Polish graphic design studio based in Poland, set up in 2012 by David Navarro and Martyna Sobecka. The studio has a special bond with architecture and typography. It was awarded numerous design prizes, such as: Must Have 2014 by Lodz Design, Project of the Year 2013 mention, or the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Herritage award. Zupa┬┤s works have been displayed at various poster biennale and exhibitions: 24. International Poster Biennale in Warsaw, Italian Poster Biennial, London Design Festival, and many more. The studio is also known from designing and editing their modernist paper cut-out collections.

Questions & answers

Can you describe your daily practice? 
New day, new challenge
What are you most proud of?  
Always the latest project...
What's your ambition? 
Keep on creating new stuff