Data is everywhere, but how do you turn it into valuable information? We show information design from the past, present and future! Get your tickets now!

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Starting 20 September

Information superpower

Graphic Matters shows the impact of complex information such as data visualisation, infographics, manuals and cartography on our society.

In a time of unprecedented access to information, it’s the work of designers that brings clarity to the world.

A programme of exhibitions, workshops, talkshows and events highlight the past hundred years of information graphics.

Our diverse programme isn’t just dedicated to designers, but also to the curious individual and anyone that deals with any kind of information professionally.

Poster Project

Show your information superpower!

Join the open call and show your unique view on climate change, fake news or a personal subject.

Make a (moving) poster in the form of a data visualization, user manual or infographic.

You have until August 11th to submit your work!

Let's go!


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