Graphic Matters

“We make you look, you will see.”

Graphic Matters shows the work of visually wayward, societally involved and/or socially critical designers. With a perceptible programme we incite professionals and youth to take a critical look at visual culture. With presentations in a public context we create room for dialogue. Additionally, we offer them a chance to discover and develop their knowledge and skills.

By making designers and young people aware of the power and impact of design, we contribute to the quality of contemporary visual communication. Properly (learning how to) view and visualise is just as important als reading and writing. By stimulating visual literacy, we promote connection, independence and equality in society.

Graphic Matters History


In collaboration with Pier15 Skatepark and Stadsarchief Breda we presented the pop-up exhibition PARA 1982 - 2002. About legendary Breda venue Para.
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The second edition of Summer School with Rachel Joy, Rob en Robin, Studio Spass and YONK.
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In collaboration with Watershed we presented the travelling exhibition TYYYPOëzie: an encounter between word and image.


The first edition of Summer School with masterclasses by Studio Dumbar, Autobahn, Grilli Type, Underware and Edgard Claes.
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In April, the streets of Breda were filled with positive posters.
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During Cultuurnacht 2020 (Saturday, January 25th) we’re showing the unique art installation Track Tracy at Stationsplein
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Seventh edition Graphic Matters


Meeting Milton Glaser in New York
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Vermibus posters appear in Breda
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Sixth edition of Graphic Matters

Inflatable Refugee attracts national attention
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New name: Graphic Matters!

Mr. Poopie at the Grote Markt
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Current Characters Convention with Ken Garland and Mr. Bingo.
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Fifth edition of Graphic Design Festival Breda


An ode to all women by Stephen ESPO Powers
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Fourth edition of Graphic Design Festival Breda

Resolute - Design Changes (2014), exhibition designed to travel
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Aram Bartholl's 'MAP' in Park Valkenberg
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Third edition of Graphic Design Festival Breda


Second edition of Graphic Design Festival Breda


Projector Spectre 3.0: videomapping at the Grote Kerk
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Geert Wilders poster causes a stir
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First edition of Graphic Design Festival Breda



Dennis Elbers

Founder and curator

Stein de Bont


Rowan Graafland

Graphic Designer

Wouter van der Giessen

Production Assistent

Joëlle van Loon

Marketing & Development

Anouk Verhoeven


Anne van Bree


Falco van der Velden

Production assistant