Blow Up Talks | KiteLab and Tools for Action Designing with air

Join the Blow Up Talks and listen to the inspiring stories of internationally acclaimed designers. During this evening, unique designers will give an insight into their working methods and sources of inspiration. How do these creatives use air as an element in a design? And what does it mean to them to create 3-dimensional work?


This week (15/08) we feature Victor Guérithault as KiteLab and Bambi van Balen of Tools for Action. KiteLab delves into the various stories, meanings and forms of kites and how they are used and deployed in its own practice. Tools For Action talks about the history of inflatable art, architecture and activism in addition to the impressive projects the foundation has completed.

The Blow Up Talks are in English and open to everyone. It is a physical event with a limited number of seats.

Claim your ticket here (5 euro including consumption).

After each presentation, there is of course time for a Q&A with the designers where you can share your own insights and questions. Afterwards we are happy to chat and network at the bar!

These evenings are part of the 2023 Summer School ‘Blow Up/Blow Out’ program and free for masterclass participants.