Creativity World Forum

CWF2019 is the place to be for all those creative minds, hearts & hands out there willing to work on social challenges. Breda puts you in an interactive mode – in no way will be your day predictable. We invited seven local entrepreneurs who are facing global challenges. Accompanied by seven imagineers this day is about sharing insights that encourage behavioural change.

It is a day about working together, all happens within the setting of Graphic Matters. We often don’t realise; graphic designers help us by carving order out of chaos, providing an overview of complex matters or speaking to our emotions. They visualise urgent issues so we can understand them quickly.

We will start the day with an interactive ‘Wonderzone; stage of the unexpected’. To put your brain in a creative mode.  You will wind up in an occasional mindfuck – an artistic mindset, with room for humor, poetry, and play. Because thát is where behavioural change through wonder starts.

The second part of the day is working your right brain. Because we have urgent issues to discuss.  On the cases that define our region, our entrepreneurs, our gamechangers of the future. We’ll go deep on the focus of behavioural change in every theme, because it is a universal solution. New connections in your neurological network, are no more the same than the new connections in our international gamechanger-network.  Find your case to work on and go make change.

PLEASE NOTE: Graphic Matters tickets are NOT valid for CWF2019.

More info about tickets and workshops: