Information Path 500 meters of information design braintraining

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A 500-meter long timeline takes you from the train station to Havenkwartier. The timeline consists of 15 information design highlights, designed by Jan Hamstra. They’ve been selected by German art historian Sandra Rendgen, author of the book ‘The History of Information Design’  that was recently been published by Taschen.

The illustrations show from what context the revolutionary designs originated, long before the profession of ‘graphic designer’ came into existence. Accompanied by Sandra’s explanations, the illustrations form an inspiring introduction on your way to Graphic Matters.

Jan Hamstra & Sandra Rendgen

Jan Hamstra is a freelance illustrator and artist currently based in Groningen, The Netherlands. He is a rising star as an editorial illustrator for newspapers and is notorious for his screen-printed gig posters. Jan is part of illustration collective Knetterijs and member of the Vera art division.

Sandra Rendgen is a consultant, author and concept developer based in Berlin. She is interested in how data visualisation and enlightening visuals can be used to communicate fuzzy, overwhelming, abstract, multidimensional or just plain complicated knowledge.