Information Superpower superhuman visuals

From visual statistics to interactive data visualisations; designers use their superpowers to shape our world.

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Nowadays information appears in many different ways. We read less and less and want to understand our complex world as quickly as possible. Both good and evil powers use informative visuals to manipulate our thoughts.


Automatically generated graphs and bar charts will no longer cut it. Together with coders, journalists and researchers, designers are developing new ways to visualise mountains of data and complex systems.

Curators Sven Ehmann and Dennis Elbers selected over 60 examples of exceptional and everyday visualisations that change your view of the world. Visualisations that couldn’t exist without the superpowers of their designers.

With Wim Crouwel‘s phonebooks, the iconic work of Gerd Arntz, the futuristic data visualisations of CLEVER°FRANKE and Aaron Koblin, the human factories of Fritz Kahn, and many more.