Keep An Eye Masterclass: CLEVER°FRANKE Concepting for a Smart City

During this Keep an Eye Masterclass you will design a concept that will make your city a more pleasant place to live in.

“Smart Cities” are cities with a digital infrastructure connecting streets, buildings, traffic, citizens and organisations.

This can lead to more efficient existing services, and the appearance of new services related to ride-sharing, safer streets and better waste management. Sounds good right? However, critics are sceptical… The applications are aimed at the betterment of the usage, costs and quality of existing services, but there’s a lack of applications that improve the citizens quality of life and the liveability of the city.  

This is your chance to develop a meaningful concept, inspired by the digital revolution. Hosted by Gert Franke, co-founder of design agency CLEVERºFRANKE and the Sensor Lab Foundation, and internet-of-things designer Daan Rongen you’ll learn all about smart city technologies.

After the Masterclass:

  • You have learned a lot about smart city technologies;
  • You are able to recognise these technologies in your environment;
  • You understand what sensor-technology is and how to read data;
  • You have learned the basic principles of data visualisation;
  • You gained experience with certain rapid prototyping techniques;
  • You go home with a startup-ready smart city concept.


  • Introduction about what smart cities are, and (more importantly) what they could be;
  • Lecture about sensor-technology: measuring the world and how to show it through data visualisation;
  • Brainstorm about how these technologies could be used to make a city more liveable;
  • Exercise to market your concept and clarify the value and usability of the smart city application.

Required skills:

  • This Masterclass requires no specific technical skills.
  • Being able to recognise smart city technologies in your urban surroundings would be helpful to kick-start the discussion but is not a must.

You need to bring:

  • A laptop + charger (make sure you have a USB-port available).


  • To participate we ask a one-off entry fee of €30,-. More information will follow after selection.
  • Lunch/dinner is not included in the masterclass. The festival location, the Havenkwartier, offers a diverse range of restaurants.
  • A passe-partout is included in the masterclass.


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Keep an Eye Foundation
This masterclass is made possible by the Keep an Eye Foundation, a Dutch foundation dedicated to talent development, supporting various organisations nationwide. Read more about it here.

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