Man vs. Machine Palace Talks

The development of the graphic design profession is closely intertwined with technological progress. Think of the inventions of printing, phototypesetting, or desktop publishing. In 2023, new techniques such as Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will play an increasingly important role in our society. What is the influence of this on the field and how do designers respond to this? This afternoon Studio Moniker and William Jacobson are guests.

Take a seat in The Salon of the Palace and listen to inspiring graphic designers from The Palace of Typographic Masonry. They provide insight into their practice and respond to current and relevant developments within the field. After each presentation there is a Q&A and you can share your own insights or ask questions.

Studio Moniker is an interactive design studio from Amsterdam by Luna Maurer and Roel Wouters. They co-founded Moniker in 2012 with Jonathan Puckey, who later left the studio in 2016. They work both on assignment and autonomously, using a variety of different media such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Realty and Artificial Intelligence. The social effects of technology, such as how it is used and how it affects our daily lives, is central to this. Often the public is also asked to participate in the development of the projects.


Swedish designer William Jacobson graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2016 and later obtained his Masters degree from the Royal College of Art in London. He now works for graphic design studio Europa, where he creates projects for various cultural institutions. His work is formed by exploring boundaries and tensions between opposites such as order-chaos, static-motion and typography images. This exploration of boundaries was also the starting point for A Thesis on Generative Langue, in which he entered into a visual dialogue between himself and the computer with the help of Machine Learning and was able to translate words into images.