Masterclass by Damien Poulain Before the thought, there is the dream

During this masterclass, French artist Damien Poulain challenges you to create your own cover. You will paint on textiles and create a garment that blows up and brings out your inner world.

Cloths are a means to convey a message, a protection, a statement to be part of a group. The textile is nothing until it takes the form of a painting, a rug, a mask or a garment.

Costs & tickets

The ticket price for students is €150,- incl. VAT
The ticket price for professionals is €230,- incl. VAT


For questions please send an email to

Summer School 2023
From August 15 to 24, Graphic Matters presents a Summer School in Breda. The Summer School consists of four masterclasses that are entirely dedicated to the theme Blow Up/Blow Out. Each masterclass will be given by leading international designers, artists or typographers. There is also a social programme with studio visits, tours and lectures.

This masterclass is made possible by the Keep an Eye Foundation, a Dutch foundation dedicated to talent development that supports various organizations nationwide. Read more about it here.

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