Meaningful Manuals for Millennials manuals for fictional products or odd situations

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How do you prevent stress during your studies or at work? How do you dump your non-vegan Tinderdate? How do you make sure you don’t arrive at your yoga class a sweaty mess? invited 13 international illustrators to make (fictional) manuals for the big and small urgent matters millennials have to deal with.

With work by Sanne Boekel (NL), Nastia Cistakova (NL), Paul Faassen (NL), Aisha Franz (DE), Lauren Humphrey (UK), Jeroen de Leijer (NL), Philip Lindeman (NL), María Medem (ES), Rogier Roeters (NL), Lukas Verstraete (BE), Zane Zlemeša (LT) and Egle Zvirblyte (LT/UK).

By Jeroen de Leijer

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