Ministerie van Huh? Customer orientation

For people that are functionally illiterate, it can be difficult to participate in society. The problem is often directed back at the person involved. The Ministerie van Huh (Ministry of Huh) takes a different approach; functional illiteracy as an organisational problem. What can organisations do, to limit the consequences of functional illiteracy?

What is the effect of service on someone that’s functionally illiterate? How do you know they understand/use the service? How is this measured? And if someone doesn’t fit in, how can you solve that? Who has a good example from their own organisation? And what will we never be doing again?

With the new programme ‘Huh, wat bedoelt u’ (Huh, what do you mean), Breda offers resilience to all those that are functionally illiterate. Four in-depth workshops closely examine the combination of functional illiteracy with legal jargon, visual language, customer service and safety. During these workshops, participants will share their experiences and experts will shed light on the topic. People that are functionally illiterate will give their feedback. The acquired knowledge and experiences will be incorporated into the ‘Huh, wat bedoelt u’ programme.

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