Morning Talks Typical Type

Start your day inspired and join the Morning Talks! Listen to the inspiring stories of internationally renowned designers. During this morning, unique and idiosyncratic designers will provide a glimpse into their working methods and sources of inspiration. How does typography play a role in their work and what do letters mean to them?


On Tuesday morning, August 20, we kick off Summer School with the Morning Talks. We welcome designers and typography heroes Team Thursday, Vera van de Seyp and Kristyan Sarkis.

After each presentation there is also time for a Q&A with the designers where you can share your own insights and questions.

The Morning Talks are in English and accessible to everyone. It is a physical event with a limited number of seats. Tickets are €10, including coffee, tea and a delicious croissant to start your day well.🥐 Claim your ticket here.

This morning is part of the 2024 Summer School ‘Typical Type’ program and free for masterclass participants.


📚 Loes van Esch and Simone Trum form Team Thursday together and design colourful visual identities, books and spatial objects from Rotterdam. They do this with a special interest in typography and curiosity about materials; always looking for patterns in everything and everywhere around them.

👾 In her work, Vera van de Seyp investigates generative design tools, computational typography, artificial intelligence and systems in chaos. She is currently part of MIT Media Lab (US) as a research assistant where she works at the intersection of AI and graphic/type design tools.

✍️ Born in Beirut, type designer and artist Kristyan Sarkis currently works from Amsterdam. He is co-founder of TPTQ Arabic, a design studio specialising in high-quality Arabic typefaces.