Nespor/Rosdar by Daan Rietbergen

Especially on the occasion of the Type Craft Summer School we present a pop up preview of the exhibition Nespor/Rosdar by Daan Rietbergen in the garden of Ingenhousz Breda. This exhibition can be seen in our from September.

Daan Rietbergen (1988) is a graphic designer from Utrecht. He specializes in typography and poster design. His work is always based on grids and systems. In his self initiated typographical projects, the rules he imposes on himself often outweigh the legibility. He sees letters as living characters that form one family, but also have the power to stand on their own. When his typographical characters appear in public space, they come to life.

He made two series especially for One series provides insight into the construction of the Nespor typeface. The other series shows five words of ten letters each in the Rosdar font.

During the Summer School we present a pop-up preview of this exhibition. This could also be seen during Graphic Days Torino in May.

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