Balancing between the designer’s identity and client demands Palace Talk

Designers are constantly looking for a balance between their own identity and the requirements of the client. How do designers deal with this balance and which values do they find important? This afternoon Nóra Békés and Studio Joost Grootens discuss this challenge.

Take a seat in The Salon of the Palace and listen to inspiring graphic designers from The Palace of Typographic Masonry. They provide insight into their practice and respond to current and relevant developments within the field. After each presentation there is a Q&A and you can share your own insights or ask questions.

Nóra Békés grew up in Hungary and moved to the Netherlands to study graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Since graduating in 2018, she has been working as an independent designer in Rotterdam. In her applied work she mainly focuses on typography, publication design and exhibitions, complemented by a strong interest in type design. In addition, she also creates autonomous work based on archival research and the reinterpretation of findings in a contemporary context. Nórá’s work is characterized by its interdisciplinary approach and by experimentation in which graphic and spatial elements are combined to tell a story. 

Joost Grootens is a self-taught graphic designer, researcher and teacher based in Amsterdam. In addition to designing digital information environments, maps, fonts and spatial installations, his studio SJG mainly works in the field of book design. SJG won numerous prizes with these books, such as ‘Best Book Design from all over the World’ and the ‘Rotterdam Design Prize’. The studio likes to work with complexity and shows in the thoughtful designs that it is a misconception that something complex should look complicated. In these assignments Joost, as a ‘designer of information’, searches for the balance between editors and readers and thereby defines his own position as a graphic designer.