Poster Project Show your INFORMATION SUPERPOWER!

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Every two years, we discover new talent through the Open Call of our Poster Project. We challenge designers to create a new poster based on a specific theme. This year’s theme is Information Superpower. The assignment was to visualise current and urgent matters by means of an infographic, data visualisation, map or manual. The 50 best international entries were selected.

This year, we’re not just exhibiting traditional print posters, but also moving posters on large screens. A limited-edition of each poster will be for sale and printed ‘on-demand’ at the festival shop.

Read more about the Poster Project here.

The winning posters are made by Brittney Malpeli (AU), Anne De Boeck (BE), WePlayDesign (CH), Chen Qiu, Gao Xin, Li Zhang, Mengyao Luo, ShenHui Meng (CN), Lukas Großmann, Rebecca Lutz (DE), Isabel de Urquia Lara (ES), Charlie Thomas & Claire Bonnet (êkhô), Charline Finster, Louis Souêtre (FR), Anastasia Melandinou (GR), Naufan Noordyanto (ID), Parastoo Heydari Azad (IR), Andrea Meloni, Claudio Vitiello, Daniele Morganti, Michal Tadeusz Golanski (IT), Koji Matsumoto (JP), Minjoo Kim, Youngwook Nam, Jooyoun Sun (KR), Karim Shehimi (LB), Joelis Aškinis (LT), Naandeyé García Villegas (MX), Guijt & Meijers, David van Arragon, Eline Schipperen & Magdalena Dużej, Mister Gruesome, Leonie Schepers, Liz Klaver, Marit Gijsberts, Naoko Deriu, Natisha Engel, Niels Vrijdag, (NL), Christian Azzouni (AT), Victor Soma (PL), Eduard Zimovtsev, Maria Bublik (RU), Zena Adhami (SY), Jie-Fei Yang (TW), Thiti Luang (TH), Carilla Karahan (TR), Craig Berry, Lewis Fraser (UK) and Jon Letourneau (US).