Scriptorium by Autobahn

Turn your handwriting into a digital font! Use a pen, brush, marker, quill pen or other writing instruments.

In Scriptorium you write the letters A to Z and numbers 0 to 9. We arrange the real digital monstrosity. Three days later you can download your font from a special website with a unique code. Making a font at Scriptorium costs nothing, except some of your patience :).

The aim of this traveling installation is to collect 1000 different manuscripts. Inspired by your special letters, Autobahn designs a new font for the December issue of the homeless newspaper Sammy.

Scriptorium is an initiative of Graphic Matters. The installation and website are designed by Autobahn. The coding of your letter is provided by Handpicked Labs. The website is made by Burg, Burg.. The installation was built by Marc Spaapen.

Scriptorium is supported by 1000 years of Brabants Kloosterleven (Province of North Brabant), Creative Industries Fund NL and Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds.