Talking Matters thought-provoking entertainment

Talking Matters is an (English spoken) talkshow with in-depth discussions and interviews with designers featured in Graphic Matters, alongside mini-lectures by international experts and special performances.

This edition:

  • Lecture by designer and author Thilo von Debschitz about information design pioneer Fritz Kahn.
  • An inspiring performance of Daan Mannekes’ graphic score ‘Koninginnepage’, by a choir assembled by Ruben de Grauw.
  • Dialogue with artist, activist and researcher Manuel Beltrán about his data project on political advertisement on Facebook.
  • Column by Luc Goderie, every week he’ll discuss a different item from Stadsarchief Breda

You can attend the talkshows in combination with a festival ticket. 

Image from Das Leben des Menschen (what happens to your brain when you see a car?)

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