AI AI AI – Student Challenge


How do students view new technological developments within the graphic design field? And how do they position themselves as designers within society? During the student challenge AI AI AI… students are challenged to translate their view of the world into just one image based on the current theme of Artificial Intelligence. A unique opportunity to go public with work as a creator for the first time and show it to a large audience!

  • Student Challenge

    From October to December, Graphic Matters is organizing a student challenge for final-year MBO and first-year* HBO media design/graphic design students from The Netherlands and Belgium. With AI AI AI… we stimulate young designers to speak out about their thoughts and points of view from a safe school environment. By researching a current and hotly debated topic and developing a point of view on it, students are encouraged to reflect on their role and position as designers in society.

    A professional jury consisting of leading parties from the field [to be announced] will choose a maximum of 50 best posters from all entries. These will be exhibited for 3 months in the in Breda. An exceptional opportunity for young designers to exhibit their work professionally and show it to the outside world!

    * Participate with another year? Please contact us.

    Photo by Edwin Wiekens

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    The development of the graphic design profession is closely tied to technological advances. Think of the inventions of printing, phototypesetting, or desktop publishing. In a world where technological advances constantly reshape our creative landscapes, the rise of Artificial Intelligence is a topic that generates both fascination and debate within the profession. In recent months, ever-renewing AI tools have become more topical and talked-about than ever. How will Photoshop Beta, Dall-E, ChatGPT, and many others affect both the field and society? Is it a blessing, an illusion, or a threat? And what exactly will be the designer’s role in this?

  • Teaching program

    Participation in the student challenge is free and meant for students from the Netherlands and Belgium.

    For each course we organize a kick-off on location with a presentation about the project to inform, enthuse and above all inspire the students! We offer an online inspiration file, here students will find relevant articles and works related to Artificial Intelligence.

    Students design a poster about the influence of AI on society and/or the graphic design field.
    The theme is completely free to fill in for teachers (and students) to give more direction to the supervision.

    Posters may therefore be made using AI, but there are no restrictions on the technique to be used: Photoshop, screen printing, typesetting… everything is possible, as long as it ultimately fits on a physical A0 poster!

    Festive conference
    In addition to experience designing from their own perspective, students also gain knowledge during the festive closing conference in the Chassé Theater where lectures by the judges form a fun and educational program. The 50 winners will be announced afterwards and the exhibition will open immediately afterwards.

    Extra exhibition option! Per school we also offer an extra exhibition option at your location with the best 5 to 10 posters of your year. Nice to highlight one’s own students and field of study within the school.

    Foto door Joost van Asch

  • Important dates

    Kick-off on location: From the beginning of the school year until fall break

    Opening Open Call: 15/10/2023

    Closing Open Call: 15/11/2023

    Conference + opening exhibition: 14/12/2023 

  • Are you in?

    Or are you interested in the poster project AI AI AI…?

    Would you like to register your students directly or discuss options? Send an email to with your name, phone number and the name of the institution. We will contact you as soon as possible!