This was AI AI AI…!

Thursday 14 December was the festive closing of the AI AI AI… Student Challenge. Our last three months have been all about organising kick-offs throughout the Benelux, receiving and reviewing many posters as well as studying in depth what exactly Artificial Intelligence is and what it might mean for the (young) designer. 55 personal answers to this question can now be viewed in our

Between September and December 2023, we organised a poster challenge for MBO and HBO students of media design and graphic design. Educational institutions from the Netherlands and Belgium participated and together we looked for a suitable moment to kick-off the project at their school. In it, we told about AI and the process behind it, but also tried to offer tools on how to deal with it as a young designer. It is not the first ‘revolution’ the field has seen – after all, the computer itself was also new some 40 years ago….

However, we felt it was especially important to let students themselves have their say; they are the future of the field and have plenty to say. After voting on various propositions during the kick-off, they then visualised these opinions. The assignment: design an A0 poster about the impact of AI on the field and/or society. The result? 450 entries full of futuristic landscapes, terrifying robots or, on the contrary, hopeful encouragement.


A jury consisting of Thomas Castro, Noƫlle van Dijk and Dennis Elbers selected 55 posters representing a wide range of opinions on AI from all submissions. From all around the Benelux, the 10 participating schools travelled to Breda on Thursday 14 December, to learn which posters were selected and officially open the exhibition in the Besides lots of clapping and cheering, there was also room for stimulating presentations by design researcher Marissa Memelink (SETUP) and technophilosopher Rens van der Vorst. A fitting, festive conclusion to an incredibly cool project!

The project may have ended for us, but the public can now visit the exhibition. Until 15 February, you can view the 55 posters of the AI AI AI Student Challenge in our

Many thanks to all participating students from:

  • Avans University of Applied Sciences Breda
  • Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam
  • Graphic Lyceum Utrecht
  • Haute Ecole de la Province de Liege
  • University College Utrecht
  • LUCA School of Arts Ghent
  • Media College Amsterdam
  • Noorderpoort Groningen
  • St. Joost School of Art & Design
  • Saint Lucas Antwerp

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