Masterclass by KiteLab

How can an object heavier than air fly? During this masterclass by KiteLab you will explore

Masterclass by Tools for Action

In this masterclass, participants are encouraged to invent giant tools, objects, wearables, air mattresses or a

Masterclass by Steve Messam

In this masterclass by Steve Messam you explore real world scale; build something bigger than the

Masterclass by Damien Poulain

During this masterclass, French artist Damien Poulain challenges you to create your own cover. You will

Masterclass by YONK

During this masterclass, YONK will guide you trough the ins and outs of 3D character design

Masterclass by Studio Spass

During this masterclass by Studio Spass, you will conduct experiments and material prototypes, play with various

Masterclass by Rob en Robin

Ever been on a date with an object? During this masterclass by Rob en Robin, you