Graphic Matters 2022: no festival, but an extensive continuous programme

The last edition of the Graphic Matters festival took place over two years ago. We were looking forward to our eighth edition in the Spring of 2022, but due to various circumstances we have decide to postpone this edition until next year. But in the meantime we’re working on plenty other projects. This year, like in 2021, you can look forward to a versatile continuous programme. 

During the Autumn of 2019, we presented the seventh edition of our festival, themed ‘Information Superpower’. Over the course of five weeks we welcomed designers, students, professionals, parters and curious passers-by whom we provided insight into the world of information design. The programme consisted of various indoor and outdoor exhibitions, lectures, events and masterclasses.

Afterwards we decided to reorganise the complex and labour-intensive organisation of Graphic Matters. Not a festival every two years, but a continuous programme with room for experiment and design-based research combined with a big biennial public event. Before the pandemic hit, we had already decided to organise the festival during Spring 2022.

Due to the continuous uncertainty of COVID-19 we have decided to postpone this edition until the Spring of 2023. If the measures would be relaxed this month, we still wouldn’t have enough preparation time to put on a full-fledged and restyled event. 

Dreaming of Mass Behaviour door SMACK | Photo by Edwin Wiekens

In addition to that, Breda currently doesn’t have enough suitable locations for events of this scale. Before, Graphic Matters made use of locations such as Parade, Stokvishallen, Backer & Rueb, Electron, Stadsgalerij, Oude Vest en Faam, which aren’t available anymore. In 2021 we presented a plan called Pret! for art presentation in the public space, in collaboration with Blind Walls Gallery, Pier15 and NineYards. Unfortunately, the municipality of Breda hasn’t approved this plan. The urgency for such a location ought to be clear by now

Despite the mentioned limitations, we will we offer a continuous programme in 2022, by the name of Graphic Matters Lab. The programme is based on developments within the graphic design profession and our society. We present exhibitions and interventions in the public space (such as Scriptorium, TYYYPOëzie and and Masterclasses led by international designers (Summer School). In the future we will also add an educational programme for graphic design schools and mediacollege’s.

This change in strategy gives us the opportunity to collaborate with various partners and continue to contribute to the visibility of creativity in the city. 

No visual is worth a thousand words by Rob en Robin | Photo by Edwin Wiekens

Despite today’s uncertainties, we look forward to a great year full of inspiring projects. To stay updated on our activities you can subscribe to our nieuwsbrief, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook. 

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