Copper Monday print designed by Rob and Robin celebrates printing

On the first Monday after Epiphany, apprentice printers presented a proof of competence to master printers. Later, Copper Monday prints were given to relations. With the arrival of Christmas and New Year cards, the ritual was lost during the 20th century, but together with NPN Drukkers, we keep this age-old tradition alive.

This year, we invited illustration duo Rob and Robin to design a unique Copper Monday print. Their investigative approach, in which they do not shy away from experimentation, ensures that these young masters remain constantly innovative and original.

Especially for this year’s Copper Monday, Rob and Robin created four unique illustrations. The series originates from an investigation into assigning rope-like properties to solid shapes. Using 3D software, the duo plays with gravity and the physical reaction of objects in relation to each other. The resulting absurdist illustrations are situations that capture everyone’s imagination.

Whereas Rob and Robin’s recognisable illustrations are mainly used digitally, it was a challenge to translate the bright colours and deep black lines from screen to print. Thanks to the expertise of NPN Drukkers, an exceptional production was created. This print work celebrates not only the revaluation of print, but also the artistic research with which designers continually reinvigorate their practice.

Request the 2024 Copper Monday print here for free! (registration possible until Friday 12 January)

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