Opening TYYYPOëzie in Eindhoven

After Antwerp, Kortrijk and Breda it is now time for Eindhoven to discover TYYYPOëzie. On Tuesday March 7th the exhibition was festively opened at the library. 

The exhibition is a collaboration between Watershed and Graphic Matters. Stan van Herpen is business manager at Watershed and started the opening in Eindhoven with a foreword. He explained how important the work of Van Ostaijen and Jespers is to him. “When you look at it for the first time, you think: what is this crazy thing? But that invites you to read it, where the design leads you through the text.” 

Maud Vanhauwaert and Jelle Jespers (left) & Elianne van Elderen and Aleksandra Samulenkova (right) | Photo by Britt Roelse

Urban environment
Writer Elianne van Elderen read some poems during the opening. Her poetry mainly focusses on the experiences of young people. For TYYYPOëzie she collaborated with letter designer Aleksandra Samulenkova. She combined Elianne’s text with her typography. Aleksandra calls it a successful project and is very happy with her participation: “The exhibition comes out beautifully in an urban environment.”

It was the first time for both of them to see the exhibition. “Because each text consists of three posters and all formats are the same, the different posters still form a unit,” Elianne says.

Elianne van Elderen reads a poem | Photo by Britt Roelse

Sjoerdtje Schaap is event manager at the library in Eindhoven and made sure that TYYYPOëzie became part of the program. Christel Jansen led the project from Graphic Matters and is pleased with the location at the Lichtplein. “The works relate well to the location. The library, the Design Academy and the amount of daily passers-by: all the themes that the exhibition touches are in the environment,” she says.

The collaboration between letters and images is what makes this exhibition so powerful, Christel believes. “This exhibition makes clear how much design can add to the meaning of word. This visual meaning allows the viewer to empathize and understand better.” 

Shape your own text
Saturday March 26th 2022 Studio Zeedauw is hosting an event at the library in Eindhoven where you can print your own poster. This is also the last weekend that you can view the exposition. During the workshop you will learn about visual poems, word image and the relationship between language and design. Check the available dates at this link.

Work by Lisette Ma Neza and Jasmine Roemendael | Photo by Britt Roelse

Work by Joost Oomen and Pieter Boels | Photo by Britt Roelse

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TYYYPOëzie is a project of Graphic Matters Foundation and literary platform Watershed. 

Participating duo’s:
Maud Vanhauwaert & Jelle Jespers
Elianne van Elderen & Aleksandra Samulenkova
Jonathan Griffioen & Team Thursday
Joost Oomen & Pieter Boels
Hind Eljadid & Kristyan Sarkis
Lisette Ma Neza & Jasmine Roemendael 


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