Poster Project 2019

Poster Project

Show us your information superpower!

Our world-view is generated by algorithms. Data is ever-present and all around us. More than ever we need people who are openminded and are critical about the information that is presented to them on a silver platter.

Graphic designers create order out of chaos, give insight in complicated matters and have the power to create an emotional response. They visualize urgent topics so everyone can understand them in the blink of an eye.

Poster Project 2017


In the post-digital age the poster is still a powerful tool to communicate important topics. With this Open Call we call upon designers from all over the world to design a poster on a topic they care about!

Climate change, plastic soup, fast fashion, fake news, fear mongering, privacy or a personal matter.

 Everything is allowed, as long as you use your ‘information superpower’!

Make a poster in the form of a data visualization, infographic, map or user manual. Keep in mind that your poster has to be legible from three meters distance!

For the first time we also allow moving posters! The winning posters will be displayed during Graphic Matters, the winning moving posters will also be displayed during DEMO festival in Amsterdam.

Submit your posters now!
Deadline is August 11th.

Watch the trailer below!

  • Terms & conditions

    If you want to participate you have to agree to our terms and conditions:

    1. You give permission to exhibit the poster during the festival and following presentations.
    2. You give permission to use the design for promotional purposes.
    3. You give permission to print a limited edition; one for you, one for display and a maximum of 10 for sales.
    4. You allow the proceeds of the sale will to be donated to the project.
    5. You declare to submit your design under Creative Commons 3.0 license.
    6. You promise to submit new or previously unpublished work.
    7. You can only submit via our website.
    8. You can submit a maximum of three entries (and one moving poster) per designer/studio.
  • Specifications


      • PDF
      • A3 (29,7 X 42 cm)
      • max 5 MB / 200 dpi
      • CMYK color mode
      • Keep your explanations brief – 20-100 words
      • Keep in mind winners need to submit a new A0 file.
      • You can submit a maximum of 3 posters.

    Moving Poster

      • Resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels
      • 9:16 ratio
      • 25 frames per second
      • MP4 (H.264 codec)
      • Video must be exactly 10 seconds
      • Upload your moving poster to Vimeo, Youtube, Dropbox or Google Drive and paste it in the form below. Make sure we can access your file!
  • Submit

    • Upload your poster here

    • Accepted file types: pdf.
    • Accepted file types: pdf.
    • Accepted file types: pdf.
  • Help!

    If your file is uploaded successfully you will instantly receive confirmation on screen and via email. No confirmation? First check your junk mail and please try again. Make sure your file matches the required specs.

    Questions or problems?
    Having trouble or questions? Read the FAQ down below or get in touch via

    How to submit my poster?
    > By using the form.

    My pdf file is too large for uploading!
    > Via you can easily compress your pdf-file.

    Can a submit a silk screen print of 3D posters?
    > Sure, upload a mock-up and explain in the description area.

    Can I collaborate with other designers?
    > Of course, we love you to do so! Mention your collaboration in the description area.

    Why do you sell the posters?
    > We are a non-profit organisation and don’t make a profit from the sales, the proceeds are used to pay the cost of this competition. The posters are sold as print-on-demand (50x70cm) with a maximum of 10.