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Graphic Matters Reading Room

Dozens of topics and hundreds of books on design: all in one place

In the past years, we collected a huge book collection around themes that serve as inspiration for our projects. Books on visual storytelling, typography, posters, infographics and dozens of other themes contain a lot of knowledge, but also show different approaches of the profession.

From March 2024, we share this rich collection and open the doors of our brand new Reading Room. In an accessible way, we make knowledge and literature on visual communication available. You are welcomed personally by us and given time to find the perfect book for your particular topic.

Whether you are writing your final thesis, have been working professionally in the design field for years or just want to browse through beautiful books. The Reading Room offers a wide variety – from long essays to colourful, full-page illustrations.

Delve into the theory of graphic design with texts by well-known critics such as Rick Poynor and Ellen Lupton; read about alternative design histories or the future of the field with publications by Counter Print and Slanted and browse the world of typography with Onomatopee and Set Margins’ fine publications. The Reading Room brings you different perspectives on visual culture that broaden your graphic knowledge.

This book collection originates from a huge passion for design and is regularly updated. Read more about the Reading Room librarian Dennis Elbers here.

  • How does it work?

    A visit to the Reading Room is easily arranged. Using the form below, fill in your details and let us know when you would like to visit. The Reading Room is open every working day between 13:00 – 17:00 (Terheijdenstraat 1, Breda). Please note that we do not lend out the books, but feel free to take photos of important pages. There is coffee/tea/water, Wi-Fi, electricity and a toilet.

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    Photo by Joost van Asch