Because we have to stay home for a while longer, we’re starting the series ’Staying Home Matters’: our personal favourite things (books, movies, online workshops, at-home activities etc.) to keep us entertained and inspired at home, we hope you’ll like them too! 

First up: BOOKS!

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Julio Ashitaka – Colossus
Colussus is a beautiful book full of epic European street art. From Berlin to Barcelona, Lissabon to Amsterdam. This book consists of a wide collection of figurative to abstract works and geometric to photorealistic murals. QR-codes allow you to visit the murals via Google Maps, from the comfort of your own home. Spotted something you really want to see with your own eyes? Then this book can be a great source of inspiration for your next holiday destination (whenever we get to travel again).

Image: Beguru

Rick Pastoor- GRIP (Het geheim van slim werken)
Not all of us are used to working from home all day, every day, which is also the case for our team. A few weeks we all found the book GRIP in our mailbox, a book that teaches you how to work more efficiently, to think bigger and to realise your plans.

The head of journalism platform Blendle, Rick Pastoor, shares his personal work method in this book, which will teach you how to add calmness and direction to your workdays. Using your schedule, task lists and mailbox in more efficient way will lead to new chances and more time. The calmness and space that will be created in your mind, will allow you tot think about bigger plans and dreams of the future. In addition to the book, there’s also online support so you can apply your knowledge to your life directly, through useful tips in your mailbox.

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Roel Stavorinus – Ontwerpen is geen kunst

According to Roel Stavorinus, designers often miss out on opportunities, when their skills are of great relevance to organisations and our society. The key to success is to know your clients and to present their services as customisable. Roel’s has often experienced that designers are prone to mainly focus on the end result. When there’s a combination between design and management, where creativity is accompanied by organisational goals, great things can emerge.

25 articles about design, design projects and the collaboration between designers and client, teach you that ‘designing isn’t an art’.

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Austin Kleon – Steal Like an Artist (10 dingen die niemand je vertelt over creativiteit)
Picasso knew it: art is theft. The message of this book is to not wait until you know who you are to start making things. New ideas aren’t always good ideas If they’ve been thought up before. Taking inspiration from others cán be the key to succes, steal good ideas and apply them to your own working method. Kleon leads you to to road of more creativity through 10 valuable insights.

Beeld: Volatilium

Elise Luong, Björn van Poucke – Street Art Today
As the title suggests, this book is all about the coolest street-art. The book shows the 50 most influential street-artists, as well as several different working-styles within the world of street-art. They take a close look at well-known artists such as Alexis Diaz, Ella & Pitr, JR, Faith47, Mobstr and SpY. The book is filled with beautiful photos, exclusive interviews and inspiring essays.

A must-have for all street-art lovers! And if part 1 isn’t enough for you, there’s also part 2 😉.

Beeld: Robert van Eekhout

Mark Manson – The Subtle Art of Nothing Giving a F*ck
A self-help-book for self-help-haters. Mark Manson says we should stop trying to always be so ‘positive’, but to get to know our limitations in life and accept them instead. As soon as we start doing that, we will feel better and happier. When we no longer have to run away from our fears, faults and insecurities, but face the painful truth, we will find the courage and self-confidence we so need in this time. This book is full of ruthless humour and jokes and is therefore an ‘easy-read’ but it’s also backed by scientific research.

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