The summer wil look a lot different for all of us. Instead of going on holiday or visiting a festival, we will spend (even) more time at home than we normally would. That’s why we listed some of our favorite Netflix series that are perfect for binge-watching. 


As the name suggests, this series is very much in line with the crazy situation were currently living in. In the first episode of this six-part series, panicked nurses are moving through a full intensive care ward. Lots of emotions, panic, doctors and beeping devices make paint an impressive picture. A middle-aged patient is on life-support and another patient gasps for air. Heartbreaking images that are now more current than ever.

Abstract: The Art of Design

Graphic Design is everywhere in our physical and digital environment. Graphic Design helps us determine how we see the world and how we behave. We don’t always realise that graphic designers help us by creating order in chaos, offering an overview of complex issues or by speaking to our emotions. In Abstract: The Art of Design, you will discover the world’s most innovative designers and get to know their design influences that are making our lives a lot easier.

The Creative Brain

The Creative Brain is an eye-opening documentary about the power of creativity. In this documentary, neuro-scientist David Eagleman explores the creative process of innovators. This documentary features nano-technician Michelle Khine. Her laboratory looks anything but creative, however, this place is the breeding ground for Michelle to develop new technologies for science. Anyone who creates, invents, or discovers something new possesses valuable creativity according to David.

Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski

In this film, Polish-American artist Stanislav Szukalski talks about his work and life. The film contains Betamax images which adds an extra dimension. Glenn Bray filmed Stanislav during his last years, his goal was to capture his friend’s remarkable career and personality. Szukalski created his own mythology in his drawings, paintings and manuscripts. After his return to America, he was visited by many and was appreciated by many famous artists.

The Toys That Made Us 

Everyone used to have a favourite toy as a kid. One even more iconic than the other, from Hello Kitty to Lego. Each episode tells the story of a different nostalgic toy line or brand. The series includes the first Star Wars figures, but also the legendary Transformers from Japan.

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