Summer School: week 1

On Tuesday August 16, a group of enthusiastic creators from all over the country – and beyond – gathered at De Uitvindfabriek (Invention Factory) for Graphic Matters Summer School 2022. On the theme of 3D design, Rob and Robin and Rachel Joy gave an insight into their work and the participants got to work themselves. 

With 3D design, the possibilities are endless, fascinating and sometimes even overwhelming. It isn’t bound to one medium or discipline and can be interesting for every creator; whether you create still, moving or spatial images. Therefore, participants of both masterclasses came from all kinds of backgrounds. Illustrators, typographers, graphic designers, some of them still students; others have years of work experience. But all of them certainly have one thing in common: wanting to improve 3D design skills and learn what it can do for their work. 

The masterclass ‘Positively 3D‘ was hosted by British Rachel Joy. As a lettering artist, she knows better than anyone how a letter is built up and how you can make a letter come out of the paper by making it three-dimensional. After a short introduction, the participants started sketching within half an hour. With the help of a ruler, pencil, eraser and grid, the first 3D letters appeared on the paper. The assignment was to think about a word that the participants wanted to immortalise on a piece of wood on the second day.

Photos by Rob Lipsius

During the masterclass ‘Object Dating’ by Rob en Robin, the participants learned to work with cinema4D and got acquainted with their working method, which combines 3D design with illustration. Participants investigated what surprising movements you can give to everyday objects. There were animations of a breakdancing paint roller, a walking chair and a flying hotdog. Participant Merel says: “It’s nice to see how everyone made their own thing out of it. And also interesting to build a 3D illustration and then render it flat.” 

Participant Sophia says that Rob and Robin went through the process step by step in a fun and relaxed way. She considers the masterclass a valuable experience with the most important lesson: ‘you just have to do it’. Rob and Robin also said mentioned this to the audience during the 3D Talks, “by making ‘mistakes’ you learn surprising and new things”. 

Photos by Rob Lipsius

On Wednesday evening, funny anecdotes and wise lessons were shared during the 3D Talks at BANK15. On this evening, the masters (Rob en Robin, Rachel Joy en StudioSpass) gave a lecture about their work and talked about their connection with 3D design. The presentations, hosted in a relaxed living room setting, gave the audience a good idea of the possibilities of 3D design.

Photos by Joost van Asch

The final day
Thursday was all about wrapping up and presenting. Participants in Rachel Joy’s masterclass were busy with paint, brushes and spray cans to finish their signs. Tom is a graphic designer and participated in Rachel’s masterclass. Actually drawing on paper, and very deliberately working step-by-step made him think about his ideas: “Working by hand also teaches you to look closely at the use of light and shadow.”

Feel, super, love and locura (Spanish for “madness”) are some of the words that were drawn and painted three-dimensionally on a wooden board. Rachel doesn’t teach very often, but she says the moment when 3D drawing “clicks” for participants is beautiful to see. She also appreciates the work of Graphic Matters: “It’s special to see the impact Graphic Matters has on the city, and the way they encourage design and street art.” 

Photos by Rob Lipsius

Week 1 of Summer School concluded with all participants at BANK15, where all created works were displayed throughout the weekend. In just three days, participants experienced how to play and create with 3D design.

Keep an eye on our socials and website: next week we will tell you more about the masterclasses by  StudioSpass and YONK. 

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