Track Tracy puts you in the spotlight(s)

During Cultuurnacht 2020 (Saturday, January 25th) we’re showing the unique art installation Track Tracy at Stationsplein and Willemstraat!

Track Tracy is an interactive, public art installation on the border of privacy and the temptation of stardom. A current theme because of social media on the one hand and an increase in surveillance cameras on the other. For example, Google was recently mentioned in the news about their plan to drop Chrome support for tracking cookies by 2022. This will make it more difficult for companies to track users online.

Track Tracy will be activated during Cultuurnacht from 7PM until midnight at Stationsplein and Willemstraat and invites everyone to take part in the project, whether its consciously or unconsciously.

Photo by Karin Beumer

The installation consists of two large spots that will be installed on the roof of the NS station (Breda Central Station) and will then make the public space their domain. The beams of light are controlled by a computer named ‘Tracy’, that uses artificial intelligence to scan the surrounding area and catches random passers-by in her light. This way, unsuspecting passers-by become a part of the artwork and a choreography between the computer and the audience begins. Tracy decides for how long someone is involved in this ‘dance’. The collaboration between artificial and human intelligence prompts new questions: do we feel threatened or do we enjoy our moment in the spotlights?

The more we want to stand out, the more we become a target, the more we demand protection, the more information is needed, the more we feel the need to break out. 

Track Tracy is a project by Antwerp artistic duo Daems van Remoortere (Lena Daems and Frederik van Remoortere). The duo creates public art installations that often involves the audience.

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