Portrait of a maker: Baroem

Photographer Baroem traveled to Ukraine in March, where he discovered how the Ukrainian people are trying to deceive the enemy. This resulted in a series of 23 photographs. In collaboration with EMOVES, Graphic Matters presents this series during BredaPhoto ( and Dutch Design Week (Kelderman en van Noort). 

Baroem (Bram Wildenburg) is self-taught and has a fascination with small analog cameras that he finds in second-hand stores. This gives each photo a unique and raw effect. He moves in different underground cultures and prefers to photograph in the dark.

We went out for a day with Bram to get to know him better as a maker and person. In this video portrait you will discover his fascination with the night and motivation to continue with war photography.

Camera: Pepijn Visuals 

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