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De database van AI is beperkt en daardoor ook vaak niet inclusief voor vrouwen. MissJourney biedt een alternatief.

An alternative AI that celebrates women+


Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly seamless part of our everyday existence, opening up countless digital opportunities throughout society. From science to everyday knowledge, from written text, to conceptual art. World-changing digital innovations with human-like capabilities are everywhere, so the risk of human-like flaws is ever present as well.

AI image generators are currently showing to be quite biased. When asked to imagine professions or character descriptions, less than 20% of the images shown are women. We believe that we have to show that the world we live in is not just (shaped by) men alone. That CEO’s, politicians, doctors and superheroes are just as much women.

This is why we created MissJourney, an AI alternative that creates artwork of exclusively women. With the aim of actively countering current biased image generators and ensuring we build inclusive digital realities – right from the start. We need your help to create a wave of female AI imagery, and show the world what the future could look like.

MissJourney marks the start of the year-long TEDxAmsterdam Women theme; Decoding the Future. This year is about the journey to disrupt the codes that society has agreed to for so long, uncover ways to change them, break them and build equality despite them. How can we get our future right today, so we don’t have to fix it tomorrow?

Join the movement and change the pattern.
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MissJourney is an TEDxAmsterdam Women initiative.


TEDx Amsterdam Women

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