Masterclass by Tools for Action Floating Assembly - Don't forget your swimwear

In this masterclass, participants are encouraged to invent giant tools, objects, wearables, air mattresses or a floating cocktail bar for a gathering on the water. You will learn about the history of inflatable art, architecture and activism and discover how to combine these three aspects.

Shiny, translucent, elastic, soft, hard, latently erotic. Since their inception – from figure balloons for parades, to nomadic dwellings on the moon and Korean propaganda balloons against dictatorships, to sex toys to enlarge body holes or inflatable barricades for direct action – blow-ups have a wide range of applications and continue to capture the imagination.

This masterclass will teach you the basics of blow-up making; how to make inflatable objects from household appliances to industrial techniques. After the workshop, you will understand how to realize your own pneumatic fantasies. Participants are encouraged to form groups for collaboration following the principle D.I.T. (do it together).

Anyone can sign up; 3D design and sewing skills are an advantage; fashion victims more than welcome. Expect a fun, intense three-day work marathon of testing, working and laughing. Don’t forget your swimwear!

The exact programme for each day will follow.

Costs & tickets

The ticket price for students is €150,- incl. VAT
The ticket price for professionals is €230- incl. VAT


For questions please send an email to

Summer School 2023
From August 15 to 24, Graphic Matters presents a Summer School in Breda. The Summer School consists of four masterclasses that are entirely dedicated to the theme Blow Up/Blow Out. Each masterclass will be given by leading international designers, artists or typographers. There is also a social programme with studio visits, tours and lectures.

This masterclass is made possible by the Keep an Eye Foundation, a Dutch foundation dedicated to talent development that supports various organizations nationwide. Read more about it here.

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