Talking Matters thought-provoking entertainment

Talking Matters is an (partly English spoken) talkshow with in-depth discussions and interviews with designers featured in Graphic Matters, alongside mini-lectures by international experts and special performances.

This edition:

  • Mini-lecture by Sandra Rendgen about the History of Information Graphics (in English)
  • Q&A with illustrator Henning Wagenbreth (in English)
  • Aart Strootman develops new instruments. Additionally, he also sheds a light on new forms of graphic scores. Today, he talks about his quest for innovation, followed by a performance. 
  • Column by Luc Goderie, every week he’ll discuss a different item from Stadsarchief Breda

You can attend the talkshows with your festival ticket. 

Illustration by Henning Wagenbreth

Pages from Sandra’s book ‘History of Information Graphics’