Keep an Eye Masterclass: & Henning Wagenbreth (sold out) Meaningful Manuals for Millennials

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During this three-day Masterclass we will be working on the theme ‘Meaningful Manuals for Millenials’. This will lead to manuals for fictional products or odd situations. The manuals will be collected in a magazine made with a Risograph printer. There will be a limited edition of the final magazine, which will be presented at the end of the Masterclass.

There’s room for 15 participants – talented illustrators or graphic designers – that enjoy analogue methods (paper, scissors and ink). This Masterclass is an opportunity to learn a lot about illustration and Risoprinting, in a short amount of time. Risoprint is a sustainable, mechanical stencil printing technique, similar to screen printing. We print the magazines ourselves, so you become familiar with the technique.

The Masterclass is hosted by Marjolein Schalk of and renowned ‘special guest’ Henning Wagenbreth.

photo by Neil Jarvie

Required skills:

Participants need to be able to transform information into visuals, in an unconventional way. They need to have their own signature. The need to be familiar with Photoshop and/or InDesign. The preferred method is analogue designed drawings, that will be edited digitally.


  • The masterclass is open to designers under the age of 36.
  • We’ll let you know if you’ve been selected no later than September 4th.
  • To participate we ask a one-off entry fee of €30,-. More information will follow after selection.
  • Lunch/dinner is not included in the masterclass. The festival location, the Havenkwartier, offers a diverse range of restaurants.
  • A passe-partout is included in the masterclass.

Henning Wagenbreth


Want to join this three-day masterclass? Please fill in your information below. Registration closes on the 28th of August.



Keep an Eye Foundation
This masterclass is made possible by the Keep an Eye Foundation, a Dutch foundation dedicated to talent development, supporting various organisations nationwide. Read more about it here. & Henning Wagenbreth

Henning Wagenbreth is one of today’s most respected visual artists working in Germany. Internationally recognized for his unique, comic-inspired illustration style and numerous artworks for posters, books and magazines. He spreads his character artwork on anything from a tiny stamp to an oversized poster, on commercial work or his own art projects alike.

Marjolein Schalk is an illustrator from Tilburg, the Netherlands. Marjolein is the project manager of and chief editor of Wobby. She likes to share the Riso Evangelism through workshops.

Wobby is a thematic magazine for visual art and stories, printed on a Risograph printer, which is published four times a year with various guest artists. Besides Wobby, regularly organises exhibitions, projects and workshops, bringing artists and public together.