The first programme details!

We proudly present you the first programme details of Graphic Matters 2019!

Graphic Matters takes place from the 20th of September through the 27th of October at the Havenkwartier in Breda, the Netherlands. The theme INFORMATION SUPERPOWER is all about information design.

“Now that there is more and more data available, we need designers to create order, provide clarity and show connections. Without visualisation, data isn’t valuable information.”

– Dennis Elbers, curator Graphic Matters

The programme consists of exhibitions, workshops, talkshows, events and for the first time, masterclasses. The activities aren’t just interesting for designers, but also for the curious individual and everyone that deals with information professionally, like journalists, analysts, scientists, statisticians and marketeers. Under the motto “We make you look, you will see…” Graphic Matters urges visitors to open up to different ways of thinking and new ideas, to marvel and look at things critically.

A look at the programme: 


Since the rise of mass media, about a hundred year ago, people are constantly flooded with information. To make information accessible to everyone, this didn’t just happen in writing, but also by means of imagery. Even then people were worried about the manipulative power and overvaluation of information. Today we find ourselves in a similar position. We are still consistently flooded with information, in order to make this manageable, a lot of information is visualised. Though we often don’t realise that visualisation doesn’t automatically mean that something is reliable.

The exhibition shows what part information design plays in our perception of the world around us. There are many important information design highlights from the past hundred years, but the focus is on contemporary experiment.  This elaborate exhibition ties the entire programme together and shows how designers visualise complex information, data and systems. From the visual statistics of ISOTYPE, the encyclopaedias of Wim Crouwel, the iconic work of Gerd Arntz, the human body factories of Fritz Kahn, the animations of Aron Koblin to interactive data visualisation by CLEVER°FRANKE.

Thanks to loans from the former collection of the Graphic Design Museum (MOTI), Graphic Matters shows original historic material for the first time. The exhibition is situated in the Stokvishallen and is designed by Trapped in Suburbia.

Information Superpower is curated by Dennis Elbers, creative director of Graphic Matters and guest-curator Sven Ehmann, editor of various books about information design.


Dear Data
For a year, designers Stefanie Posavec and Giorgia Lupi sent each other weekly data visualisations about personal topics. This resulted in a collection of 104 handmade postcards. In addition to MoMa, the postcards can be seen in Breda now too!

De allerlaatste Dear Data postkaar van Giorgia Lupi

History of Icons
A wall-filling infographic that shows how desktop computer icons and apps have developed. Designed by Modulus.

Meaningful Manuals for Millennials
A group-exhibition with various international designers and illustrators making manuals, just slightly different than what we’re used to. In collaboration with Wobby.


Thanks to the support of the Keep an Eye Foundation, Graphic Matters is offering masterclasses for the first time this year. They will be hosted by international experts and are open to young designers, with an age limit of 35 years.

The masterclass hosts are:

  • Stefanie Posavec – American designer whose project DEAR DATA is on display during Graphic Matters.
  • CLEVER°FRANKE – world-leading in visualising complex data.
  • Wobby & international designers – Risograph experts. Names will be announced later. 
  • Josh Staub – Moving poster guru. The best results will also be displayed during the DEMO festival in Amsterdam. 


This year, 50 designers will again have the chance to exhibit via the open call. The previous edition received over 2500 entries from 72 countries! The briefing challenges designers worldwide to design a message by means of a data visualisation, infographic, map or manual. 

The 50 winning posters will be displayed at the festival and a limited amount of each poster will also be for sale. A few foreign participants will be invited by Graphic Matters to visit Breda.

Want to participate? You can send in your poster(s) until August 11th via

The poster project during Graphic Matters 2017 – Photo by Edwin Wiekens


Information Path
A 600-meter long path shows the history of information design. The path stretches from the train station to the festival location and contains 16 illustrations designed by Jan Hamstra. Edited by Sandra Rendgen, art historian and writer of “History of Information Design“. 


Every Sunday afternoon, interesting guests shed their light on the festival theme from various perspectives. International experts share their knowledge during a talk show that consists of mini-lectures, interviews and performances. Free entrance with a day ticket or passe-partout.

Sundays at 15:30 at Podium Bloos

A talk with Corey Gutch and Michael Ellsworth of Civilization during Graphic Matters 2017

Get your tickets here

Early nerd tickets are also on sale, which give access to the festival on áll days between September 20th and October 27th. Early Nerds also receive a special edition pin with their ticket.

More exhibitions, outdoor interventions, masterclasses and events (films, fair, market, studio routes) will be announced soon. Keep your eyes on this website for the latest updates!

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