Type Talks is a talkshow with four of our Summer School masters.

Bas Jacobs of Underware, Elvin van Dalen & Stan Haanappel of Studio Dumbar, Katja Schimmel & Tobias Rechsteiner of Grilli Typeand Rob Stolte & Maarten Dullemeijer of Autobahn will give you a glimpse of their working methods and inspiration.

The participants of the Studio Dumbar masterclass ‘the countdown’ will present their work in a multiple screen installation.

You will also have the chance to try out Autobahns latest interactive installation ‘Scriptorium’ for the very first time.

This is a real life event, with limited seats. Book your ticket here:

Type Talks is powered by Keep An Eye Foundation and Ingenhousz Breda.

Underware is a typography collective founded in 1999 by Akiem Helming, Bas Jacobs and Sami Kortemäki.

Underware’s typefaces stand out for their unique aesthetic and elaborate quality. In addition to designing fonts (by hand), they teach typography and regularly publish.

Studio Dumbar (part of Dept) is an international agency with a Dutch background and a diverse portfolio – from business and government to culture and non-profit.

Their projects range from the visual identity for the Dutch Police, Adidas, Futurenatural, Alzheimer Netherlands and the Van Gogh museum to initiating and designing DEMO – Design in Motion Festival.

Grilli Type was founded in 2009 by Noel Leu and Thierry Blancpain. They offer original typefaces with a contemporary aesthetic rooted in Swiss tradition.

Since the lockdown, they have been teaching the basics of type design through their Instagram channel in a series called “GT Academy”.

Autobahn takes the opportunity with every assignment to expand their new experimental mindset for typography.

Craft plays an important role as they experiment with materials and production methods.