Summer School 2023

Blow Up/Blow Out

Aug. 15 - 24, 2023

Looking forward for an inspiring and fun summer? During the third Graphic Matters Summer School you will develop (new) skills, make friends and meet design greats. You don’t want to miss this! 

  • Masterclasses and more

    With support from Keep An Eye Foundation, Graphic Matters has organized an annual Summer School since 2021. This consists of four masterclasses for young designers, given by internationally renowned designers.

    Each masterclass can accommodate a maximum of 15 participants. You not only gain knowledge, but also make new contacts. The masterclasses connect to current professional themes, the development of specific skills and having fun with design.

    Organizing the masterclasses simultaneously and shortly after each other creates a special group dynamic. The programme is complemented by relevant excursions to special craftsmen or lectures by experts from adjacent fields. Together with studio visits to local designers, this forms a unique experience.

    Photo by Rob Lipsius

  • ‘Blow Up/Blow Out’

    Economic ups and downs affect art and design. History shows that hard times can lead to frenzied and lavish design. In the four masterclasses, we take the concept of inflation literally as inspiration. You will get to work designing and producing 3-dimensional inflatable objects and kites.

    Inflatable objects have a tradition as advertising objects and in recent decades they have become an art object within the scenography of concerts, fashion shows and exhibitions. The kite has a centuries-old tradition as a brightly colored folkloric expression of hope, prosperity, health and happiness. Both are an attractive medium to reflect on the current times.

  • Masters

    The masterclasses are given by international designers and artists: Tools for Action, KiteLab, Damien Poulain and Steve Messam.

    Photo by Rob Lipsius

  • Are you...

    • very interested in graphic design,
    • educated as a designer, typographer, illustrator or animator,
    • still a student in this direction,
    • self-employed or working at an agency,
    • willing to work hard for three days on new skills?
  • Are you in?

    Registration for the Summer School will be available beginning Monday, May 22.

    Photo by Rob Lipsius

  • This cheap?!

    Participation costs only €119 for students and €199 for professionals. This low price is possible thanks to support from the Keep An Eye Foundation. Elsewhere you quickly pay more than €500 for a similar programme.

    A ticket includes lunch, coffee/tea/drink for three days.

    We are starting the registration period with a big discount. If you buy a ticket between May 22 and June 4, you will pay €79 as a student and €159 as a professional!


  • Where is it?

    The masterclasses will take place at De Uitvindfabriek. This former candy factory is now an inspiring workshop for young and old where technology, innovation and sustainability come together.

    The location is 300 m from the NS Station Breda.

    Photo by Rosa Meininger

  • What to do in Breda?

    Are you in Breda for the first time and could use some tips? We have listed our favorite hotels, restaurants and activities in and around Breda for you on this page.

  • Keep An Eye Foundation

    Summer School is made possible by Keep an Eye Foundation.

    Keep an Eye Foundation supports young, promising talent in the field of art and design. Creative creators are given the chance to develop their talent, create new opportunities and most importantly, realize their dreams through various grants, awards, shows and festivals.

    Photo by Rosa Meininger